Vivid Yellow Bathroom Vanity With Curvaceous Lines

This is my 1st blog post ever. Blogging is something i have been wanting to do for ages, starting up was a bit of a struggle though and i kept loosing hope, although it turns out it’s actually not as hard as i thought. I’ve always been quite interested in the “not so traditional” African designs , so when i came across this 2011 Cerasa Suede collection on the Freshome website, i just couldn’t resist blogging about it.

  This contempory Bathroom Vanity looks amazing paired up with African design. The yellow brings the surrounding space to life and lends a cheery, life-loving atmosphere to the bathroom.  It composes a mysterious, almost surreal scenery. Displaying curvaceous lines and quality finishes, it forces your hand to design the space around it with careful consideration for its simple, clean and elegant design. The entire collection features  bodies, drawers and doors made out of chestnut. With the handles shaped into the doors for a maximum modern effect.