Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Granite Suites

Last night, i was asking my eldest sister her opinion of the blog and she goes…”honestly”? i’m like “yes honestly”, she says “i’m indifferent, but it’s a brilliant concept”. She goes on to say “i’m African already, i live in Africa too, so i don’t really need to be reminded” (lol).  Anyway, i told her not to worry that i will end up convincing her and i have no doubt that i will.

On a serious note, the Private Granite Suites is another one of Londolozi’s lodges. Its striking, stimulating materials mimic the extrusion of granite rocks surrounding the camp while channeling the undiluted essence of Africa. Each suite has a private, heated swimming pool.

A palette of elephant grey, charcoal and silver in a variety of luscious materials creates a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere in each expansive suite.

The focus at the Private Granite Suites  is on light, volume and privacy, fading out the barrier between the internal and external environment. Its huge doors and windows open directly onto the Sand River creating a seamless union with nature.