Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Pioneer Camp

I’m halfway through blogging about this particular reserve and although i have enjoyed every minute of it, i am quite eager to get on to other equally as interesting ones .  So i had this genius idea lol, to take a break from it after this post (just for a bit).

Now as i have said to a few before now,  African design styles are not set in stone, you can create a mix of it and any other styles (Contemporary, Rustic, Modern…. even Asian if u like). You can also decide to tone it down altogether and just add African pieces that you’re interested in, your home your rules. I would make further references to this in my subsequent posts but first let’s proceed with today’s post.

Pioneer Camp was newly renovated in 2010, it is set amidst the dappled shade of 500 year old ebony trees, the three luxury suites and altruistic bush home center area is the climax of four decades of design experience in the safari industry. It is the most segregated of Londolozi’s Luxury camps.

Its three intimate suites have breathtaking views of the river. What’s more?,  Pioneer camp can also be transformed into a private bush home for up to 14 people by connecting glass sky walkways into adjoined units.

Take a look at the decor in the image below (blank out the thatched roof), the only thing that makes it African are the old luggage boxes in the background, the table lamps made with horns and perhaps the very subtle animal textured black boxes and tray on the table…..OH! the beads too (but who’s counting that)….. Once those are taken away, the design becomes modern.

The extensive entrance-halls give a rather Ralph Lauren feel. Modern, distinct lines, and sophisticated with floor to ceiling glass sliding panels framing the wilderness views beyond.

The bathrooms are designed in the classic Victorian style with modern accents in the chrome, mahogany and marble finishes.

All around the camp there is a diffused sense of history due to the archives of photographs, crystal glass, silver, vintage suitcases and gramophones. Pioneer Camp in its entirety is intensively personal and renders a romantic scenery to the adventures of a new generation of sophisticated voyagers.