Basket indulgence

Often we underestimate the usefulness of the everyday things around us. I for instance have always admired the beautiful ways baskets are woven in various patterns and colours  but until i became interested in interior design, i could not really broaden its use and push its boundaries past the normal.

Using baskets as wall art is a genius idea, not only is it way less costly than original art, it’s also undoubtedly eye catching and very flexible.

This wall art are usually more attractive when they hang in groups on the wall. They are also more interesting when they vary like in the image above, where they are woven with concentric circles, spirals and ikat circles.

The image above is a design feature by Stephan Falke.  He’s transformed a traditional African woven basket into a contemporary feature wall with an amazing mixture of neutral ethnic colours and patterns.

This image was in the Dutch design magazine VT Wonen, i couldn’t help but be drawn. The baskets look a bit worn blending quite nicely with the equally worn wooden bench and rag rugs creating a rustic vibe.

Tightly woven one’s equally do the trick as in the image above,  infact i think i’m loving them more. It’s motivating to see how a blank wall can be cheaply converted into an engaging and photo-worthy home with just a little creativity.