Colour blocking your home

I was looking through Elledecor and found some images from the  Design Indaba Expo, this caught my eye as anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for bright colours. Looks like the colour blocking rave does not just apply to clothes  alone as they exhibited a mix of some Dizzying patterns and afro-cool colours. This super bright Langazela cushion covers are by Africa Ignite, handmade by rural women across KwaZulu-Natal.


These cushions below from Indigi Designs combine local Shweshwe and African prints with modern geometric pattern. There’s no reason to use the same though, one can also make a mix of Ankara fabric with perhaps woodin or guinea etc.


This super bright Langazela cushion covers above are by Africa Ignite and handmade by rural women across KwaZulu-Natal. Its beautiful crazy patterns and colours give an immediate appeal.


Colour blocking was also seen on wood in the form of Goet‘s hanging lights (top, left) and High Thorn‘s bright neon and wooden vessels (top, right).

Going off Elledecor, i decided to research colour blocking interiors all together. Although I like to wear bright clothes, I like them in subtle shades for my interiors (easy on the eyes 🙂 ), such as in the images below by Heals. Here Neutral colours have been colour blocked to give a calming to the space.

In the image below, this Eclectic room uses colour blocking in its book arrangements. A great way to achieve the same effect without tampering with your walls or furnitures.

Below neutral curtains dressed up with colour-blocked segments hang from a hospital drapery track that runs around two sides of the room. The draperies hide the pocket doors (seen at the far end of this photo).

The colours of these fixtures are intense but it balances out with the white background quite gracefully.

You might have worked out by now that colour blocking works best with light coloured walls to help contrast against the bright colours. Think bright popping colors and geometric shapes like this kitchen cabinet below.

In these image below by Shrapnel Contemporary, the colours are overwhelming but works because there is still a white balance in the background to rest the eyes.

Colour blocking does not stop here, the boundaries are being pushed even further. Zoe Murphy for instance takes ordinary pieces of furniture and adorns them with cool illustrative images and transfers using a bold and clashing palette of pink, red and orange. Her products below say it all.