Unifying furniture with colour, fabric or finish

If you are like me, (a bit eclectic, constantly pushing the boundaries of the norm) then you might not like the standard samey/formal furniture that everyone has or perhaps you like quite a number of furniture and you want them all instead of having to pick one .

The first thing to do is to purchase different chairs of your choice, you can then decide if you want to hide the difference or enhance it  (to enhance click here), whichever way you go can be really charming and add interest to your setting.

Paint is one way to unify furniture, Once i saw a feature of Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in Elle Decor, it was designed by Eric Hughes. He basically got various chairs from thrift shops and sprayed them all matt black.

The black paint consolidates the chairs and creates a unified grouping, making the chandelier stand out.  The chairs now play a supporting role, but are exciting due to their different shapes.  below is another example

Pay attention to this room below, both the coffee table and sofa table do not match, but have been brought together with a nice orange paint, now they blend in effortlessly with the borders on the picture frames.

Same is the case below except here they are also unified by fabrics

The grey painted chairs in this room gives it a nice collected look which is further enhanced because the room is painted various shades of the same colour.
In the image below, a similar wood frame is replicated but with neutral fabrics.

It is okay to use completely random chairs made of different materials, just make sure they are of similar scale and finish. As in the rustic room below.

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