Distinguishing furniture with colour, fabric or finish

In my last post I talked about uniting furniture with colour, finish or fabric (If you missed it check it here). Uniting isn’t the only way to go though, one can decide to be more obvious as well. For instance if perhaps you prefer the more formal seating, but still find the idea of colour appealing, you might wanna consider the options below.  The chairs all have the same wood finish but upholstered  in various color blocks.

In the image below, the wood finish is replicated,  the fabric are the same colour, but the patterns are different as it uses floral, stripes of the same fabric both vertically & horizontally, a full painted chair acting as the solid colour as well as one seat left in its originally finish. Also notice how they use different scale chairs, as long as the difference is not much then it’s fine but i would rather go for chairs of similar heights.

You can also use completely varying fabrics on the chairs, just make sure you balance out the patterns and colours around the table. I’ll discuss fabric in more detail later but the most important thing to note is not to have more than 3 types (e.g stripes, pattern (small and/or bold) and block).

The chairs below brighten up this white cold looking kitchen, bringing some warmth to it. They don’t have to cost alot, the one’s in the 3 images below certainly don’t.
 In the image below, the multicoloured harmony of the chairs give a relaxed and playful feel to this traditional dining room.