Frame arrangement

We all love to hang arts on our walls but deciding the arrangement to hang them can be so overwhelming, so the trend in hanging art lately appears to run towards walls of conflicting frames clustered roughly to create an amorphous arrangement.

TIP: It is advisable to cut out paper the size of the frames you would like to hang and tape them to the wall. This way, before you put holes in the walls you can move them around and figure out the perfect arrangement! just like the one below

put your frame shape on the wall with brown paper BEFORE you try to hang everything.  Genius!

Below are a few examples to further help you achieve your perfect  look.

The 2 row display in the image below emphasizes the tall narrow brick wall, it is proportional without being forced and the blend of black and white colour photos is complimented due to the division provided by the oversize mats.

Photo via, Luke Vahle designer

This grouping is harmonious but not totally proportional, yet very charming.  It’s nice that the top small frames are all black and the one’s running down the side are all white.  The grouping is more interesting because the subjects are a blend of nature and family.

Photo via

In the image below, the designer played with the grid idea of layout, considering what looks to be a tall, large wall space broken up by windows and a striking wall sconce.  The art ‘bends’ around the furnishings and maximizes the space making a potentially drab corner very interesting.

Photo via, Blount Design

The wood and neutral tones of the room below and the uniform black & white framed photos create a calming effect. The no-nonsense rectangular arrangement is thoughtful while the varied frame sizes keep it from feeling too rigid. A simple concept and pitch-perfect execution.

083009 frame arrangement.jpg

This is a good way to display multiple frames.  It’s free flowing in overall shape and you don’t need to take things down and completely rework the arrangement every time you want to add a new one.   The use of black frames and white mats helps tie all the different sizes together. Its important to notice that they use wide borders to give each image more importance.  The gray wall is an excellent neutral backdrop.

For all those stairways that we aren’t sure how to treat, here’ is an idea that caught my attention. I love how way the frames look like a jigsaw puzzle.  A combination of black and silver frames keeps it from looking too heavy and densely packed.

Photo via

These large frames give a striking presence to this dividing wall.  The rather short table provides a unique anchor, allowing the frames to be hung much lower than usual.  If they had been hung at their usual height (48-54″ above floor) they would have lost all relationship with the table.  Notice the consistent space of just a few inches between each of the photos.

Photo via Learning to See by Vincente Wolf -designer

I love how this frames have been arranged to form a heart, if you fancy having your whole family above your head as you sleep.

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