Mirror mirror on the “wall”

When i was just a little younger, i would spend hours in front of the mirror admiring myself lol.  I still love mirrors, especially now that i know they can be used for purposes other than vanity 🙂 .  They are a perfect way to increase the feeling of light and the illusion of space in a room, which is particularly handy if you’re short on natural light.

In this feature wall below, a focal point has been created with various  frames, refracting the view in an interesting way. Your frame choice and arrangement composition can make a personal statement as strong as hanging actual art.


 Either bundle mirrors closely together to form one large art piece, paint frames the same color to add a sense of cohesion to the collection, rest them on picture ledges, or hang them as a collage like in the Martha Stewart  images below.

This charming collection is composed of frames in various shapes and sizes, unified by paint. Absolutely brilliant To achieve the perfect look with mirrors, certain rules must be followed, first of all one must choose the right mirror and the best location for it click here for ideas regarding that. Secondly to enlarge a space you must be sure to reflect a pleasant view through the mirror. Don’t hang mirrors in places to reflect views you don’t want to replicate (e.g corners, doors, kitchen) .  Rather hang them to reflect nice window view (for more light), artworks or wallpaper, plants and other nice things.

In addition to these, watch the effect that mirror gives. For long halls, don’t hang the mirror at the end of it –so it wouldn’t seem endless, don’t hang the mirror opposite another mirror (particularly big ones)  as they will create vague space effect. It is much better to  hang mirrors in 90 degrees angle as the space doubles and with no unpleasant effects.

Ceiling mirrors although gives more space and height to the room, it also reflects and doubles every thing in the room and creates a vague feeling of unnaturally transformed space. Mirrors on the floor  also reflect light and create unpleasant gleams that may blind you and create an unstable floor effects. The frames of these rectangular mirrors are smartly outfitted in midnight-blue velvet ribbon. Lined up next to one another and hung above a buffet, they add sophistication and catch the light in the room.

The image below was on Apartment Therapy.  This modular design is great for opening up small spaces and cost less than the oversize one’s


Frameless mirrors are beautiful, they can be used playfully and blend so well in every surrounding.

There are also the single, very decorative pieces that help add drama to a not so dramatic space, you just can’t help but notice them. In the image below, this beautiful mirror gives a great contrast to the grey walls. It cannot be described as drama free though, with the striking combination of chunky console, mirrored angled stool, flirty curvilinear mirror, and zebra shaped rug. Gray and white, accented by the red tray and rug, make for a glamorous mix.

This gold spark mirror sits so gracefully above the bed frame, it is more decorative than functional and the contrast of gold against the wall colour is rather enticing.

Layering mirrors is just as exciting and glamorous, in the image below from Apartment therapy, the layered antique mirror creates a beautiful focal point and brings the perfect element of elegance to the bathroom.


Creating an illusion of space with mirrors  is a classic trick that always works. Perfect for smaller bedrooms, a mirrored finish will visually double the space. The one below does the job in style, its high position keeping the effect subtle and the foxed surface looking elegant.

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Photo credit: Houzz