Singita Pamushana Lodge – Zimbabwe

I must apologise for my absence over the past few days, i had graduations to attend and trips to make, i had so much fun that i went to bed all worn out and unable to blog (hehehe). . . . . . .

Singita Pamushana Lodge is found within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in south-eastern Zimbabwe. Nestling beneath the trees, the lodge incorporates the natural environment and the forest-like architecture enhances views of the pool, the lush gardens and the lake below. Pamushana Lodge is a very intense traditional style lodge.

It uses so much African prints and patterns. I think my eyes might water a bit if i have to sit in this room for more than a few minutes. However this look could be toned down or up *giggle* to your taste. To tone down just paint walls a lighter shade, i like the patterned wall treatment though so will keep that but greatly minimize the redness in the room.

Oh look! huts, just like the olden days.