Stunning living room décors

I was thinking i would go the more residential route this time as opposed to the commercial ones i have been taking. That tends to take a whole lot more time but it turned out to be worth every minute as i came across all this amazing African living rooms i could not wait to post.

For instance this living room below, it’s not just the beautiful mask display on the white textured wall that entices me so much, or the radiant wall art nestling against the wooden feature wall, the creatively alluring combination of furniture, or even the delicately wide area rug that brings the room together so graciously, it’s the exquisitely tiled fireplace i just cannot get enough of.

brandon barre interior design african mask tiled fireplace living room black brown

In the image below, elements made from stone, clay, woods and other natural materials have been integrated into the design. I love the combination of raw concrete with the sightly polished wood. I cant help but notice how the muted, earthy colors add an organic feel.

Freshome featured these living rooms below. If you like big and bold décor, then large animal print might just be the thing for you  To avoid your room looking too busy, choose which items to use large print for. Then for other décor, pair solids and contrasting colors to balance out the boldness of the animal prints.

animal print mix and match e1292346929487 How to use Animal Prints to Liven Up your Interiors

You may prefer simple color schemes like white and black, but don’t want your interiors to feel grim and lifeless, animal prints are a great choice. Grab color inspiration from your favorite print (e.g zebra, cheetah or jaguar print) and then use those colors on your walls, flooring, and window treatment to engulf your entire space as in the image below.

animal print mono e1292347071474 How to use Animal Prints to Liven Up your Interiors

Mix and match stripes, polka dots, and animal print and unite them with color keeping the print small enough to enjoy, but not too large that it disrupts the eye. Mix patterns and solids together and unite them with neutrals. If you’re uncomfortable with mixing and matching, purchase pieces one at a time, and grow the room as you see fit.

animal print small e1292347115617 How to use Animal Prints to Liven Up your Interiors

I love the blend of different shades of brown in the living room below. The richness of the wood frames on the walls with matching wood carved accessories on the table, coupled with the beautifully textured cushions that adorns the chair gives a warm and comfortable air to the room.

 I doubt any words i utter will do justice to how i feel about this living space below but that wouldn’t stop me from trying :p .But where do i begin? Is it the  alluring and bold wall art  hung up elegantly on the wall, or the ….. or the …. okay *sigh* i give up, let your eyes educate your heart.

Bold & Contemporary African Space

This lovely cosy living room is by Source collection. The pieces are mountain-inspired with refined styling. The backless divan sofa centers the space, accented by natural horn accessories, root furniture and woven elements. The handmade and inherently unique pieces are as beautiful as the Tyrol Mountains that inspired them.

Mountain Retreat

This living room from “The Warm Side of Modern” features clean silhouettes, a warm, neutral color palette, and a hint of zebra. It’s all very “Ralph Lauren Safari”.

This last space is designed by David Flint Wood and features a pair of round, textured lamps and ceiling-high palm leaves. It is always a good idea to bring plants into your living space as it brings life into your home. Soon i will discuss the type of plants that work best indoor.