Ulusaba Game Reserve – Rock Lodge

Rock Lodge is another one of the three lodges at  Ulusaba Game Reserve. It is perched high on the summit of a koppie rocky hill with spectacular panoramic views over miles of bush, wildlife roaming within, the beauty of the lowveld bushy grassland plain below, all set against a backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountain range far in the distance. The décor of the rooms and suites incorporates modern and traditional African art.

I love elevated spaces, precisely why the image below appeals to me. It’s great as the room is giving so much importance just by raising it up four steps.

Well they better have a spare bathroom  in this suite ‘cos  if i ever get to take a bath while watching this awesome landscape, there’s certainly no way anyone else will get a chance to after me, i just wouldn’t ever step out of it.

oh! look they do……. and with a view equally as beautiful…….  *thinking*, now which do i choose?