Decorating your home with plants

It is essential that plants are brought into the home as they don’t only improve the air quality in the room (remember plants exhale oxygen), they also bring life to a space and make it cosy (I DO NOT mean artificial plants). It isn’t always easy to gracefully integrate them in a space though but it is worth the effort if done successfully. Look how the little splash of green livens up the bathroom below.

The living room below is from Martha Stewart, Daylight dapples the leaves of a bonsai Japanese maple, Acer palmatum, atop a Norwegian rococo table. The mirror above it has a 19th-century American gilded frame. Here’s what Martha has to say about it “I don’t paint window frames white anymore, “because the bright trim interrupts the view outside.”

Without the plants, this living space below would not look as interesting as it does now.

Expensive Looking Indoor Plant in a Glass Case

Plants can be playful if you want them to be. These hanging plant pots are a good example.

The Aeroponic plant pot below is designed by Singaporean designer Jerome Arul. Aeroponic is the new age farming and ultra efficient agricultural process where the soil and water become the things of the past (hehe). I just appreciate that the plants here add colour to an otherwise neutral space. if you’re interested in knowing how it works visit here 


See how they work on this kitchen counter too, i love that it’s two shades of green but i will also add yellow to make a third, that will look really beautiful. oh look! picture it with that yellow container standing by the window edge.

These wooden pots/shelves below are by Domenic Fiorello, they are great for a minimalist light space where much color is not desired.  They are wooden so one must be careful with the water input. Pots can be placed anywhere on the wall for good space-saving solution.

Successful window boxes are filled with lush plantings  like the one below.  Notice how well the plantings have been planned – very symmetrical placement highlights and frames the window beautifully.


Living in Italy got me appreciating the importance of cooking with fresh herbs. Plant fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano etc in terra cotta pots in your kitchen. Lay them by a sunny window to grow.

In the westelm image below, these tiny gardens using doll furniture and little accessories invite viewers close to really appreciate the delicate plantings as well as the whimsical details.


These Magnetic Wall Terrarium below are awesome, you can put your own gravel/pebble in if you want a different colour.


Lightpot: An interesting design concept from designers K Schwalb and Orit Magio (Studio Shulab Design); it’s designed for growing small plants and herbs indoors. It has built-in bulbs and hence can be placed anywhere in the house.


These lovely home in Marrakesh is designed by Esther Gutmer with architect Helena Marczweski. A glass screen is used to separate the outside from the inside, allowing the pleasant view in.


These Set of 3 Porcelain and Leather Hanging Containers create a nice and interesting wall feature.


Looks African doesn’t it?