Frame finishes

We all love to have things/people we love around us and if the closest we get to achieving that is by hanging images of them around our home, then what better way of doing that than to make it even more unique. A short while back i blogged about frame arrangements, if you missed it check it here. As well as getting your frame arrangement right, you could also bring that wow effect to your frames and personalize your home even more. Below are some ideas from Martha Stewart and more.

For instance, you can add some texture to your photos by using a veneer of fabric for your frames.

You might decide you prefer the fabric as your mat as opposed to the frames. Try various fabrics, letting the images unify the arrangement as in the image below.

Beans can be really stylish when they trim wooden frames. Here, beans were applied in three designs, and they make the frames look like a set. Ignite your passion for creativity and get started, all you need is your choice of bean and glue.

For people who love patterns, try covering the mats of framed artwork with decorative papers. This idea also unites different types of art, bringing them together as a cohesive display.

You could do it the colour blocking way too like the image below, also notice how the frames are arranged around the wall light, giving it so much importance.

Below this crisscrossed strips of lath are used to make jaunty frames for pressed flowers. Suspend them from chains, and display alone or in casual groupings.

These botanical motifs are made from rice paper and and cut like paper snowflakes, they pay tribute to Hawaiian quilts. You can frame a single cutout or an arrangement of them, in one color or in varying colours.

Subtle adjustments of subject and arrangement, the color of reproductive deposits and the shade of paper can make mushroom prints call to mind exotic or ordinary images, such as flapping undersea flowers or Sunday-morning bagels.