Gazebo your garden

As much as i love beautiful interiors, i am also a great advocate for outdoor living. You may have seen a few of my post were i spoke about the inside communicating with the outside, if you haven’t then you absolutely must. My point is, you cannot shut out all that serene, calming and beautiful natural environment (nooo way), you must enhance them to your taste.

Gazebo’s for instance are perfect for shielding the scorching heat in African countries, providing you with simply fabulous oases of relaxation. They can be bought and fixed as a whole or you can get someone to construct one for you to your own specification, all you need is space to fit them in.

This Safari one below takes you the African way with its gorgeous low-maintenance fibre roof that covers an ample, cushy bed large enough for four lounging adults.

You can go the more contemporary route too like the teak gazebo below.  Its has comfy cushions on a metal frame provides a luxurious outdoors environment to relax in . The pretty, billowing curtains provide privacy whilst allowing you to feel the benefit of the breeze. A small raised center table allows the gazebo more functionality .

Here’s another contemporary gazebo
And another, this one is integrated into the stone structure
The one below is a traditional style one but equally as beautiful
You cant see the structure here but you can see the graceful effect it has on its environment
This one below even has a firepit in the center to keep you warm during those cold winter/ harmattan night. ooor if you’re like my uncles, just roast asun on it
Imagine having a nice lie in on this one below with the wind gently blowing the veils