Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda

The colours of Africa (lakes, rivers and fertile soils) are visible in both the exterior features of this hotel and in the room décor, where softly flowing fabrics, muted colours and organic themes prevail.  The skills of numerous local artists were also called upon to create the stunning carved panels, mosaic pillars, beaten copper fretwork, sensational traditional jewellery, beaded wall hangings and hand-carved ‘bambara birds’, which bedeck the communal areas.

Water is a repetitive theme throughout the hotel. A thin curtain of water falls from the top of the reception area into a substantial pebble-lined basin at the bottom, magically sweeping out of the building into a man-made lake. Meandering paths link bridges over ponds and rocky outcroppings leading to a giant cascade, that falls into a serpentine swimming pool..

Mist Bar acquires its jungle theme from Uganda’s forests and mountain gorillas. Giant plaster reliefs with jungle scenes adorn the walls, and the bar front has panels carved with a leaf motif by Ugandan artist Expedito Mwebe. Handcrafted artificial tree trunks, cane furniture and jungle fabrics help to establish an exotic atmosphere.

WAter theme continues as columns in Lakes Restaurant are covered in a mosaic depicting Lake Victoria’s fish and aquatic plants

Double height lobby with local stone-clad columns

The bedroom of the Presidential Suite  has a Victorian feel, with an African flavor.

Vivid fabrics cover the sofa and chairs in the living room. The designers added the decorative frieze, which is ornamented with a indegenous leaf motif.

Very elegant entrance to Maisha Health Spa with a Morrocan feel