Decorating with bottles and jars.

You can add intrigue to your home quite easily just by adding a few lovely accessories.  So many times it’s those items we already have lying around our home that we pay no attention to that can be converted into beautiful objects. Glass objects for instance can be made interesting  with just a few tweaks, they can even become a focal point of your space if you so desire. The wonderful thing about glass is that they come cheap (from all those used jam jars maybe), recyclable and readily available. Below are some ideas for you.

Flavored vinegar, olive oil and white wine bottles yield shapely, sparkly vases with delicate spring color for a mantel or tabletop decoration. Choose a variety of sizes, remove labels, fill with water and tuck in fern fronds, fresh from your spring landscape.

The image below from designsponge is a reinterpretation of the Erik’s recycled wine bottle torches, adapted for indoor use, it would be perfect for any space. It’s unique, sculptural, inexpensive, and dynamic, easily changed from one season to the next (just swap out different silk flowers to reflect the season).

In this image by tracery interiors, the glass jars have been used to enhance the focal point and table decoration.

 Michelle Brand, an eco-designer, repurposes the bottoms of discarded plastic soda bottles to create these breathtakingly beautiful decorative room dividers.  Ingenious and stunning, wouldn’t you agree?


With as many glass bottles as you can find, you can quickly organize a spice cupboard or pantry in a very attractive manner! this starbucks glass jars from ‘’ have been upcycled and repurposed into spice jars. With clear glass, you can see what you are looking for. or if you want labels, just etch them on.

repurpose Starbucks bottles into spice jars

In the image below, a mini tree is enclosed in a glass urn

 Inspiring chandelier-like light fixture made of glass jars are by Johnny Swing.

johnny swing lamp

In this pottery-barn image below, glass wine/olive oil bottles have also been made into chandelier light fixtures.

Pottery Barn contemporary dining room

Look at it up close below, just as simple as drilling a whole at the top of  the jar. oh! and….

In this traditional bathroom design by Jennifer Brouwer, beautiful glass jars are used to hold cotton wools, bar salt and i have no idea what else besides the flowers, but you can store bar soap, cotton bud etc in your’s.

 In this glass display shelf by Cary Bernstein they come in various shapes and sizes, this are more vases than used glasses.

looks even prettier at a dinner table with jars of different heights and similar sizes, although i would opt for same size low jars in this case, just to give it an even feel and prevent any accidents.

This is particularly helpful to me, a lovely way to store my yarns and threads.

Try it out with colourful bottles too if you want

Here’s what it looks like on a center table