Rope inspired décor

While it’s often considered to be more of of a utilitarian necessity than a decorative accent, rope can really shine in many rooms. Its nautical heritage and rough-hewn texture is perfect for creating a laid-back, beach house feel. Try these ideas to pull a room together.

Sisal rope art tutorial: (click)

Channel your inner deckhand and get the bathroom shipshape with easy rope-based decorations (anyone who can tie a knot can make these). To set up the towel holder, use a 1/2-inch natural-fiber rope from a home-supply store. Secure a series of large screw eyes to the wall; feed the rope through, and knot.

Rope Bathroom Decor

Rope mirror tutorial: (click)

Here the architects employed rope on their staircase to add interest to the railing. You don’t need an architect to do it yourself though.

Striking use of rope in this long light installation at the Ace hotel

Bring a rustic feel to your bedroom with rope headboard. The one below is a natural fiber headboard by westelm. It is a more time-intensive project than the others, but obviously worth the effort!

Overlapping Woven Headboard

Rope headboard tutorial: (click)

Rope bookends looks as natural on your bookshelves as it does on a dock. These coiled bookends are an eye-catching statement mixed with your favorite reads.

Rope mirror tutorial (click)

A plain pair of wooden seats gets a bright new look from simple coils of rope.

Rope seat tutorial: (click)

A utilitarian length of manila rope has a natural beauty that usually passes unnoticed through working hands. But once the rope is coiled around a lamp base, its texture and shape stand out

Rope lamp tutorial: (click)

This vase was originally intended to be used for wedding decoration, but i reckon it would look beautiful as an every day accent in the home

Rope vase tutorial: (click)

Give visitors a sail-worthy welcome with this simple rope doormat.

Rope braided doormat tutorial: (click)

An ornamental rope container for a flowerpot, the term “cachepot” comes from the French verb “cacher,” meaning “to hide.” Use it to display beautiful plants any time of year.

Rope-Wrapped Cachepot tutorial: (click)

Ropes used as drawer pulls in this bathroom…