Decorating with letters and words

Bringing letters and words into your home is a great way to add freshness and creativity. Whether you choose to integrate a single significant letter in your home, or go with a message or a phrase that takes up an entire wall of a room, the result will bring an original touch.  Feel free to write entire phrases on the walls—the wittier they are, the more they enrich your home’s personality.

Although graffiti is illegal in public places. i have always admired its artistry. It gives a playful air to the room below as well as bringing it alive.

Why not write up some stimulating words on your kitchen wall e.g eat, yummy, delicious etc, this one is painted on which is even much easier (click here for tutorial on painting letters on walls)

How about spelling out letters with your throws, like this hand painted letter on the linen throw below, or the next one that literally cuts out the letters.
You can also use wallpapers, i particularly like that this one is bold but the smaller print one below it works just as well too.

This image below sends your brain into relaxation mode just from seeing the words, i’ll try it out in a nice cosy bathroom.

Some just put up single alphabets, i am still wondering how they decide the alphabet to pick, perhaps by their name or one that calls to them, *thinking* a Z calls out to me…. as in zzzzz. lol
If you would rather keep your walls simple,  why not add letters with your wall art instead.
Even more interesting is this image below, it allows for flexibility as can always be changed easily.
I love love love this image below, mostly because i love mirrors. You might not get a mirror just like this to buy but i’m certain you can create your own either by just buying letters to stick on ooor actually taking the pain to create your letters
I have no idea what this word says because it’s Asian but it’s getting me thinking i can write mine in Yoruba (my native tongue). It’s a great idea to add some interest to your stairway.

I have seen a similar one of this with pages of the bible designed to create a bible study nook. It is so unconventional yet lovely and i love the idea of pages with meaningful words on them, bet my mom would too.

Sometimes literal is best. This room is large enough that it begs for some delineation – and it gets it, thanks to descriptive letters.