Vumbura Plains Camp- Botswana

Vumbura Plains Camp Botswana’s varied, still largely unspoilt habitats and remarkable profusion of wildlife have long held those seeking adventure in their thrall. Close brushes with nature are the order of the day at Vumbura Plains Camp, which is set among the wild fig, sausage and jackalberry trees in the extreme north of the Okavango delta. The private and public zones of this clean-lined structure have been constructed as a series of platforms, raised off the ground, and linked by a series of tree-lined boardwalks.

The designers of Vumbura Plains Camp have gone beyond the traditional African vernacular to create a place of simplicity and restraint in which guests are inspired to meditate on the wonders of nature.

Though Vumbura Plains does not draw on any familiar colonial or traditional African styles, its architecture, colour scheme and decor firmly locates it in its setting by continually referencing nature. The delicate palette of soft greens and blues, taupe and elephanthide browns and greys are subtle reflections of what appears in the landscape.

One of the most strikingly modern aspects of the suites is their seamless, modular quality. Pine flooring extends upwards to compose the bed base, headboard and a desk as well as downward into the recessed lounge area to form both the floorboards and a built-in seating section.

Organic shapes and forms also take all their cues from nature, including the boulder-like central bar counter sculpted from African mahogany, clusters of raw logs used as coffee tables and pebble-inspired ottomans in the suites and library.

Vumbura Plains

Vumbura Plains