Kirkman’s kamp – South Africa




The moment you walk into the main building at Kirkman’s Kamp you’ll think you’ve been transported back in time. The fact that the main lawn has warthog grazing on it instead of a neatly dressed party playing croquet does nothing to dispel this illusion; in fact, it all adds to the ambiance of this 1920s South African homestead.

Kirkman’s Kamp is modelled and furnished in the traditional colonial style of the old Transvaal.  The camp invokes a rich, historic atmosphere, ensuring a unique African safari experience.

Old-fashioned bedsteads combine seamlessly with modern comfort and souvenirs of bygone years to create a nostalgic safari atmosphere.

Generous claw-foot bathtubs complete the picture, while stand-alone showers in each room provide an up-to-date touch.

Through the spacious guest areas are many mementos of a time gone by. Clean lines and authentic furniture transport you to the 1920s.