Bringing privacy to small spaces

I must apologise for my long absence from blogging, i have had an exceedingly busy few weeks, i still am quite busy but i miss blogging so much, i thought i’ll come back quickly and blog.

Small spaces are nice and cosy but can be so hard to work with, first there’s the issue of privacy, clutter, light, space….. endless list. Privacy for me is the biggest issue, so why don’t we focus on that today. . . .Separating your space is an ideal way to go to ensure privacy and there are so many versatile options out there.

This flat below uses sliding glass doors to separate the living from the sleeping area. The door can be slid open or shut as you choose and seeing as the doors aren’t see through, one can create a cosy atmosphere on which ever side of the room they are in by just sliding the doors shut.

How about just partitioning your space with center blocks. Just long enough that it gives you the privacy that you need but not so big that there isn’t enough room for movement on both sides. Center blocks look much lighter when the full bulk does not touch the ground but built to have a floating effect (look below), a bit of furniture lighting under it would have been magnificent 😀 .
These repurposed windows provide a feeling of separation but leave a nice view between living and dining areas.
Your partition does not have to go all the way to the top for you to get some privacy. In the image below, the room has been set apart just by using a short bookshelf to partition the space.
This space below has been very well designed. For a start it uses a mix of 3 colours conveniently and black is especially tricky in small spaces. It uses 2 different partitoning, first a solid one at the bottom and the see through screen at the top.
This image below is one of those beds that can be lifted back into the wardrobe when not in use. Probably not suitable for me since i spend so much time lying down lol.  But no doubt it’s a brilliant idea.
So you want a really easy but decorative option? why not try out this idea of just using curtains as divisions. In the image below the curtain has a rail that goes around the bed, allowing one to just wrap it around and shut everything else out.
The two below are  can just be drawn to give privacy. I Prefer the second image as it is quite decorative with little holes pierced into it.
This reminds me of the time i spent in  Italy, my room had such high ceiling that i would actually have achieved this if i had tried, maybe not as high though….. since its made of wood. It isn’t a permanent structure so can be done in rented spaces. It can also be used as storage, if drawers are incorporated into the design like in the second image.
Elevating your floor is another way to partition your space, it even brings a certain elegance to the room….i should know, since i am addicted to elevated floors.