Re-using bottle caps as decorative pieces.

Inspired by the Russian house that had its exterior decorated with 30,000 bottle caps, i decided to research realistic bottle cap decorations.  Bottle caps always accumulates but hardly ever gets reused, which is such a shame as there’s so much that can be done with them. Here are a few ideas on what to do with yours.

Wall installation of bottle caps at Eung Ho-Park titled ‘I am Looking at You’. The caps are stuck on the wall inside out with what seems like colourful round stickers glued to the inside.

Frame them: they will look so pretty on a kitchen wall for instance.

Light and bright coffee table. see tutorial here at My So Called Crafty Life
It works on simple everyday items as well.  Take for instance this amazing resin serving tray.  It’s genius and LOVE the color. see tutorial here 

This bottle cap mosaic mirror looks amazing, especially because of its colour, i cannot access the tutorial but it shouldn’t take so much effort.

A little garden decor … bottle-cap flowers care of ABirdInTheHand.
I love this bottle-cap backsplash embedded into the wall, it’s a cheap way to decorate, the different varieties of cap types makes it even more interesting.

Simple frame idea … just don’t brush your skin on it. 🙂

If you are not averse to a little crochet, this is a sweet trivet tutorial.

How about Jessica’s from ‘How About Orange’s’ mid-century clock magnets, view tutorial here

Moving on to a few plastic cap ideas … you have to see more images of this bottle-cap bowl created by Jessica at Zakka Life.

 A bottle-cap lampshade?  I think this one works.