Nandos African Art – Westfield Stratford

It’s no secret that Nandos loves African art but no Nandos i have ever been has caught my eye like the one in Westfield (Stratford) did  last sunday. Usually i hate the initial wait that one is subjected to in order to be found a table, but this time around, i was in no hurry to go in as the art got me sooo captivated.

As i stepped in, the image below  welcomed me. I was stood right next to those ‘creative blocks’ on the right  and almost broke my neck taking it all in. I found the gradual effect so beautiful, notice how the tiles are all white at the bottom and gradually get more colourful as they rise. These colours don’t even extend the full length of the wall, they are just concentrated to the middle to give the eyes a place to rest.

Cream wall tiles, Nando's Westfield Stratford City

The tiles also had lights embedded between them as can be seen from the image below. The lights just seem like a continuance, it creates no distraction, because it is carved to the exact shape as each creative block and covered with a flexi glass.

Cream wall tiles, Nando's Westfield Stratford City

 You cannot see it from this image but the tiles create such an amazing effect when you view them through the reflective material on the ceiling.  I would talk about this wood ceiling but i have a feeling you would rather just take it in than have me say too much. 🙂

Ah! here’s the bit i have been waiting for, remember when i  blogged about bottle tops? (If you missed it click here) Well that entire pillar in the image below is covered in bottle tops, imagine my excitement when i saw it, i couldn’t resist running my fingers through it.

Whoever says firewoods are only meant for cooking clearly hasn’t seen them in a mud vase. Oh!! and the huge pendant lights, there’s so much to say about them but i just can’t get the words out.  If i had sat under one, i would have stared up into the yellow its inside is painted in all through the meal and wander into my fantasies.

The center area of the restaurant has its ceiling clad in bamboo, all i could think about was how the only bamboo i remember from my childhood is the cane bamboo with which we were beaten with as kids. I dare say this one has been woven to a more creative use.

The woven bamboo ceiling has so much tiny strands of light sticking through it that this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Well at least you can see the different sizes of clear pendant lights in these image.

I once blogged about how plants bring life to an interior (click here to view). I am glad you have the opportunity to see it yourself in this image, the fact that it’s a trellis tree makes it all the more eye catching.

The pillar in the next image does not look as interesting as the bottle top one’s, but that’s only because you are not seeing it up close, so i have zoomed in and brought it all close for you in the image after it. The order area is nice, but it is quite dramatic for me, so i am not discussing it. I love the untreated look of these lined up wood stools though (although i am certain they were treated).

Here’s a nice single point perspective of the restaurant. Savooour……

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