Spice up your home with pebbles.

Have you ever wondered the perfection nature brings? A lot of  the time we take the things around us for granted, the air we breathe, the orange we suck on, the beautiful sound of rustling leaves etc. We do not pay attention to the details these things hold. This is such a shame because the most beautiful things are the ones designed by nature.

Take for instance the pebble, we see it everyday, we walk on it, but pay no mind to it. The stone is so well rounded with its nice uneven curves, worn smooth by the action of water and in varying shades of subtle grey. It is perfect and undiluted beauty.

Bringing nature into you home doesn’t necessarily mean plants or falling water,  pebbles and other natural stones will look great too. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Put your heart out there with this stone heart. Hang it on your deck, balcony or wherever you want to share the love.


Slotted to illuminate in all directions, these oval stone lanterns open so you can insert a tealight or votive candle, depending on the size. The smaller lantern sits securely on a table or rail, while the larger one provides lighting for a pathway or stairs.
Slotted to illuminate in all directions, these oval stone lanterns open so you can insert a tealight or votive candle
This firepit from puremodern can be used indoor and outdoor. It’s simple and burns without soot. It feels natural and modern at the same time.
Ronel Jordaan takes her inspiration from nature, made from 100% merino wool, into these freeform oversized “stone” floor cushions. Though they may fool the eye, they provide immediately recognizable comfort to weary torsos in search of a relaxing seat.
The shower walls are covered with river rock pebbles. They come mounted on mesh sheets, generally 12×12 size. The white colour looks pleasant with the blue frosted glass. Because it is in a shower, the wood is probably Teak. I’m guessing instead of having a finish on it, they probably just oiled it with tongue oil.

This river stone rectangular mats with rounded corners are sized down to dress up the garden as footpaths. It can be used indoor or outdoor.

Concrete/stone plates as a walkway… Looks great with the gray stones

This one below isn’t real pebbles, looks like tiles. Don’t you just love the clean white contemporary look ?

The mix of metal and pebbles gives this tea light a modern and organic at the same time. I love the combination and how it feels soft and edgy at the same time. They would be great on a table or placed around the edges of a patio to transition into the garden.

Pebbled floor….

These look just great…
Put them in a jar and add some flowers….

Decorate a table with them…. inscribe playful words / images on them
Paint them whatever colour you please…
As wallpaper…. this combination of  matte and shiny simply look amazing.
Hahaha…. how about on your tabletop? Looks fantastic i reckon.
Be Inspired!