Nature’s touch at Kukio private retreat Hawaii

My constantly increasing workload  has taken me away from blogging as often as i would love to, but now i’m determined to pay my baby (blog) alot more attention 🙂 than it’s getting now.
This tropical design is by Hawaii Designer Willman Interiors. It caught my attention because of the many African influences used in designing it. Cane and Bamboo for instance are just as African as they are Hawaiian.

This lounge area feels cozy and welcoming with the help of warm, earthy colors. As a rule, dark colors are avoided when there is a lack of natural light, BUT as they say “rules are made to be broken” so if you can pull it off….. Good luck.

Textures such as jute, grasses, cane and bamboo celebrates nature’s textural, tactile beauty. Think wicker and rattan furniture, coarsely woven floor coverings and accents such as banana-leaf baskets and pandan trays. Not ready to cloak your entire ceiling in lahaula matting? Start small. Maybe treat just one wall with a textural covering or frame a few grass cloth panels to hang.

This Zen bathroom has both an indoor and an outdoor shower, notice that? The bronze faucets and fixtures tie together the courtyard outside and the bathroom inside. Using bronze keeps everything calm and garden-like.

At the foot of the bed is a Senufo stool of the Ivory Coast. Made from one piece of wood, this stool is highly functional in form in addition to having a graceful, simple profile. These types of stools make great benches and end tables. The wall covering is a grass cloth by Phillip Jeffries.

TV cabinet is in Zebrawood with sliding doors. Authentic Hawaiian kapa by Puanani Van Dorpe adorn the wall above. A large leather ottoman is centered between two sofas woven from a fine Sica weave frame. Above the sofas is art from Phil Gallagher that has Hawaiian petroglyphs represented.