I’m alive – Desert Dream Home

Why have I not posted for a while ? Quite honestly, I burned out. Since my last post I have been between countries, started a family and moved houses twice. So now you see why it’s been so hard keeping up with it  all. I have come up for air and hope to stay up :D. I apologize for not explaining sooner.

The Desert Dream home by Greenauer Design Group is the next on my Radar. It mixes both contemporary, African and some Asian design styles. Enjoy!!!

A contemporary bedroom with animal print sofa
 I love the bedside lamp and the detail on the bedside table.
 The mounted animal heads are not exactly my cup of tea but I cannot speak for everyone.
As I have said before, making your room white makes it possible to bring in so much detail into your space without it appearing cluttered. It balances the room out.
 This is a completely contemporary space. The canvas painting on the wall brightens the room up beautifully.
 Notice the lighting on the ceiling? First thing I see is that it is cool white which is simply amazing as it makes everything so much more attractive (gives the appearance of daylight) unlike warm yellow.
 The design style in this living room is also contemporary.
Contemporary Bathroom. The stool is all that is African about this space.