Market place inspired Nando’s – The Loom, Leigh

This restaurant design by B3 Designers was inspired by the South African market place, which is vibrant, full of life and intense sun.  The ‘inside / outside’ feel of the restaurant beautifully combines detailed aesthetics with functionality.  The hustle and bustle of a market with stalls of exotic vegetables, bright fabrics and intricate woven baskets were all taken into account to create layers of intrigue for visitors to unravel.



A concertinaed canopy, hangs from a reclaimed wooden structure, carving a bold diagonal path through the restaurant. Caged lighting also forms an interesting ceiling feature in the interior space.  The reclaimed wood frame continues to the canal side exterior where festoon lights have been used to give a laid back ‘garden’ feel and catch the eyes of passersby.



A mixture of colourful fabric is used for the banquette and chairs situated in the centre of the restaurant. This is complimented by bespoke wicker basket like light fixtures. The fixtures have a handmade cold cathode element that has been twisted for an individual finish. Approximately one hundred light shades were closely installed featuring a range of colour ways from blue, yellow and red hues.




The open-air market feel is reinforced by slender metal chairs and banquettes upholstered with custom designed fabrics inspired by African wax prints.