Tim Campbell’s travel inspired collaboration With Decorative Carpets

In 2012 Studio Tim Campbell was invited by Decorative Carpets to participate in the “Designer Windows at Decorative Carpets” Series. While a travel-inspired collection is no new story to the world of Tim Campbell’s designs, a  trip to Africa laid the foundation for the debuted pieces from their furniture collection. The Parsons Table, the Baroque Game Table, and the Berlin Console are each distinctive in shape and inspiration, yet united by their dark burnt-oak wood finish.

A stack of Ethiopian wood coffee trays to the right of a more minimalist wooden chair sets up the first of the African-inspired scenes

Turkish artifacts, Ethiopian milk jugs, and African beads offer a sense of authenticity to each display.

Tim Campbell has reupholstered vintage chairs with traditional Kuba cloth from the Congo. He noted in a press statement: “I love Kuba cloth — the way each pattern, fabric, and design has importance.”

Charred wood is the underlying material tying all of the tables in the new collection together.

The Baroque Game Table, a modern Baroque-inspired desk, is topped in espresso-toned leather. Its rounded legs  exude a feminine vibe with its curvaceous lines.

The curated clutter on this table brightens up the display, making it feel like a more accessible look for anyone’s home.

Tim Campbell’s new wood lacquered trays are artfully placed on top of each table. The tray creates the perfect space for displaying vignettes composed of traditional artifacts.

The Berlin Console evokes Zen-like simplicity with its refined and rounded lines. A busy and warm rug with a sunburst-like print provides a beautiful backdrop for all the charred dark wood.

Tim Campbell knew the rugs were the perfect complement to his collection. He noted in a press release, “The modern tribal aesthetic of the new collection is a natural mate for our Africa collection.”

New life was breathed into a dining room chair after Tim Campbell reupholstered the cushions in a traditional print.

Tim appreciated the labor of love that went into the process of creating the Kuba cloth on this chair. He recently said, “I especially love how the Kuba people use the cloth as reminders of the meaning of their lives.”

The Parsons Table is a streamlined console topped with antique mirror. Sleek and urban lighting options balanced out the tribal details with an industrial twist.

A sense of scale was set up in the scene through the juxtaposition of tall and small accessories.

culled from popsugar