Mountain Rock – South Africa

This contemporary African residence is by Paul Oosthusien Architecture. It is on a polo estate on the mountainous Garden Rout. The house itself rests on a grassy field on a farm with views of mountains. The design was based on two alternating trigrams as a genius loci. The trigram is a symbol from Taotist cosmology. The aesthetics reminds of the earthen structures of North West Africa that seemingly emerge from the ground.

In my opinion, the use of tree stumps as seat around the fire pit, and the gazebo roof gives this space a unique look. Quite like being on a safari.

This Atrium courtyard is phenomenal, I love how it opens up, the clever use of wood especially on the glass entry vestibule, the pebble flooring, the tree trunks beneath the Bonsai stand gives an illusion of a mini tree. Beautiful!
Great idea carving out a shape in the deck for a rock garden.

This room is sympathetic to its African Heritage. The wall finish resembles clay, the colour is nice and earthy and the seamless curves mould this space beautifully. I particularly love the built in wall niches used as the book shelf.

The mixed grain Vanity feels right at home in this earthy bathroom with wood deck flooring.
In the living room, the sculptural fireplace place takes centre stage, defining the space beautiful. It gives the eyes a place to rest from viewing the large expanse of land outdoors. The Senufo stool and benches used as coffee table affirms this residence’ ties with Africa.
This beautiful carved stairway conjure the feeling of a caved adventure waiting to unravel.
This marvellous semi enclosed patio is sumptuously appointed with a vaulted brick ceiling illuminated by cove lighting, and a sinkable soft seating group arranged in front of a sculptural fireplace? Clusters of diaphanous lanterns enhance the atmosphere after dark, as does the moody wall colour. The emphasis on natural materials in the seating, carpet and lighting helps link the room to its bucolic setting.