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10 ways to decorate your home on a budget.

I made the decision to study Interior Design with one goal in mind, and that is to be the African IKEA. I wanted to cater to the middle class who cannot afford luxury but… Continue reading

Why Your Home Interior Should Reflect Your Culture.

  When work is done and errands are complete, there’s one destination that people seek— home sweet home. No matter what your residence whether it’s an apartment, house or mansion—home is a place… Continue reading

Using left over fabric as art

Using fabric as decor is a rather interesting and unique concept, it is an especially useful way to get rid of those left over fabric you’ve accumulated.  Here are a few ideas you… Continue reading

Decorating with bottles and jars.

You can add intrigue to your home quite easily just by adding a few lovely accessories.  So many times it’s those items we already have lying around our home that we pay no… Continue reading

Frame finishes

We all love to have things/people we love around us and if the closest we get to achieving that is by hanging images of them around our home, then what better way of… Continue reading

Decorating your home with plants

It is essential that plants are brought into the home as they don’t only improve the air quality in the room (remember plants exhale oxygen), they also bring life to a space and… Continue reading

Mirror mirror on the “wall”

When i was just a little younger, i would spend hours in front of the mirror admiring myself lol.  I still love mirrors, especially now that i know they can be used for purposes other… Continue reading

Frame arrangement

We all love to hang arts on our walls but deciding the arrangement to hang them can be so overwhelming, so the trend in hanging art lately appears to run towards walls of conflicting… Continue reading

Distinguishing furniture with colour, fabric or finish

In my last post I talked about uniting furniture with colour, finish or fabric (If you missed it check it here). Uniting isn’t the only way to go though, one can decide to… Continue reading

Unifying furniture with colour, fabric or finish

If you are like me, (a bit eclectic, constantly pushing the boundaries of the norm) then you might not like the standard samey/formal furniture that everyone has or perhaps you like quite a… Continue reading

Colour blocking your home

I was looking through Elledecor and found some images from the  Design Indaba Expo, this caught my eye as anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for bright colours. Looks like the colour… Continue reading

Basket indulgence

Often we underestimate the usefulness of the everyday things around us. I for instance have always admired the beautiful ways baskets are woven in various patterns and colours  but until i became interested… Continue reading

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