Londozi game reserve – Varty Camp

Varty Camp is the symbolic heart and soul of Londolozi, as the campfire has burned here for over 85 years. The décor echoes the same tones of the owner’s private homes and their continuing love… Continue reading

Londolozi game reserve – Tree Camp

Tree Camp symbolizes the real essence of Londolozi’s endless strive to surpass and reconcieve wilderness journeys. Sophistication and simplicity are the emblem of the Tree Camp sanctuaries, it is seen in every detail and feature,  ranging from… Continue reading

Singita Castleton Camp – South Africa

Singita Castleton Camp is a sincerely inviting, comfortable hideaway that exudes timeless charm. Castleton comprises a stone-walled ‘farmhouse’ and six charming rooms in a garden setting, with fascinating memorabilia and artefacts that create… Continue reading

Singita Sweni Lodge – South Africa

Sweni Lodge  is Singita’s other contemporary lodge which was influenced by the structures of dens, warrens and lairs found in the area. Flanking the Sweni River, this tranquil sanctuary is elevated on stilts… Continue reading

Basket indulgence

Often we underestimate the usefulness of the everyday things around us. I for instance have always admired the beautiful ways baskets are woven in various patterns and colours  but until i became interested… Continue reading

Singita Lebombo Lodge – South Africa

Lebombo is my favourite of all the lodges, perhaps its the neutral elegance it exudes or the clean contemporary feel that draws me, or the sweeping wooden decks and beckoning pool, either way,… Continue reading

Singita Ebony lodge – South Africa

Ebony Lodge has a a commanding presence and an essence that evokes an intense feeling of familiarity – as if visiting a congenial family home. Sumptuous coziness is simply the order of the… Continue reading

Singita Boulders lodge – South Africa

Singita which translates as “place of miracles”, is a group of world-renowned games reserves in Africa which provide a positive balance of hospitality, conservation and community for all of their guests. The luxury lodges contain… Continue reading

Marataba, Game Lodge South Africa

Until i started blogging, i had no idea Africa had so much wildlife reserves. Now it just seems it is all around me and i absolutely love what they do with their designs.… Continue reading

Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Pioneer Camp

I’m halfway through blogging about this particular reserve and although i have enjoyed every minute of it, i am quite eager to get on to other equally as interesting ones .  So i… Continue reading

Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Granite Suites

Last night, i was asking my eldest sister her opinion of the blog and she goes…”honestly”? i’m like “yes honestly”, she says “i’m indifferent, but it’s a brilliant concept”. She goes on to… Continue reading

Olga Oreshyna astonishing woodwork panels

Let’s take a brief break from the Londolozi game reserve …. A few weeks ago i read an interview on Olga Oreshyna  by Freshome and i was just awed. It’s always exciting seeing… Continue reading

Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (2)

So i bet you thought that was all there was to it huh? Well there’s more and you should see me perspire with excitement right now. I am having to work extra hard… Continue reading

Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (1)

Londolozi is one of the initial pioneering Private Game Reserves of the ecotourism industry in South Africa. The root of the name is found in the Zulu phrase for protect and means “protector of all things alive” –… Continue reading

Intricately beautiful Egyptian lighting

Zenza is a name i’m quite passionate about, it is just like music to my ears as it’s everything i look forward to becoming in the very near future.   For 18 years now Zenza has… Continue reading

Naibor Private Retreat in Kenya

I first read about Naibor during my masters program in Firenze and i simply fell in love with its astonishing blend of contemporary style and comfort. Naibor is a luxury tented camp in the center of… Continue reading

Vivid Yellow Bathroom Vanity With Curvaceous Lines

This is my 1st blog post ever. Blogging is something i have been wanting to do for ages, starting up was a bit of a struggle though and i kept loosing hope, although… Continue reading

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