About me

Hi, welcome to my blog, i’m pleased to have you here.  I’ve got so much to offer you, but first i’ll tell you a little about me.

My name is Eniola (translates person of wealth) and i am a 20ish year old (age is closely guarded in my culture) British/ Nigerian, fashion/ interior design graduate residing in the UK. I recently moved back from Firenze, Italy where i did my Master’s in Interior design, before that i undertook a degree in Marketing and Fashion management in Preston, Lancashire.

I am not very outgoing but i love to travel. The world is such a big place, each culture like a goodie bag waiting to be unwrapped and i dont take this task lightly.  I love to cook (meals from diverse places), for me cooking is a form of relaxation and not a chore 😉 . I love slow sad songs (Adele, Luther Vandross )….. and oh! i love my room dark and without daylight or general lighting (blinds tightly shut with just a lit lamp).

I HATE  routine, it absolutely booores me, which explains why i’ve chosen a creative path (my brain was designed just to make beautiful things 😀 ). I am very critical, it’s perfection for me or nothing and i tend to expect the same of people around me.

I started this blog because i realise Nigerians tend to design their homes in Western ways without infusing any bit of their culture and this makes me cringe. I found from speaking with a few people that when they think of African designs, what comes to mind are the traditional not so impressive/comfortable designs of the past.

It goes beyond giving ideas though, soon there will also be the option of purchasing your own uniquely beautiful pieces (stay tuned). I am hoping this blog gives you ideas of the fabulous ways you can design your home the African way.